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Preventing Things from Getting Damaged

Taking care of our things doesn’t just keep its quality intact but also its availability longer. Thence, whatever stuff you have at home, it is really essential to have it checked and cleaned all the time particularly those that can be eaten by rust and the like.
There are many things at home, for sure, that can be tarnished easily such as musical instruments. With that, it is really helpful to somehow prevent it from damaging by always having a silver polish such as hagerty silver polish for instance. On the other hand, for other stuff you have at home, you may opt in to get the proper cure for it as well.
Whatever stuff you have at home, if you want it to keep it from getting damaged, always check it regularly and have it cleaned all the time.

Music to my Ears

One of the relaxing TV shows you can watch are musical shows. It doesn’t have to be someone is performing, plain instrumental is relaxing too. It could be a saxophone, piano, or percussion instrumentsIf the performer plays it right he puts on the good show, no vocals needed. Listening on television gives desirable effect to the ears but what more if you could watch it live right? It’s like you heard the angels come down and sung you a lullaby, and also depends on the types of amps. Music indeed is one of the greatest discovery of mankind, not just for entertainment but for other usage as well.

Goodbye Tanktops, Hello Jackets!

Fall, fall, fall, my favorite season of the year! It’s time to say goodbye to summer clothes and say hello light jackets! I thought I can still tolerate the coldness but as time goes by, temperature keeps on dropping and I can no longer last going outside with just my tank tops and shorts. So I started keeping some of my summer clothes already and started hanging my fall clothes up. I noticed I have bunch of longsleeves but only have few jackets and blazers. I really love wearing blazers during slightly cold seasons such as spring and fall.

It’s time to hit the world wide web and look for some selections. It doesn’t have to be signature ones or expensive, I am more on the design type of gal. As long as I like it and it’s not pricey, I will add it to my cart. Found several types from different stores but my eyes were trapped in a wide range of casual jackets at Zalora. I bought several items from there before and it didn’t fail me. They are all nice and affordable and I’m glad I found some cute jackets there.  Aside from blazers, I might need some boots as well. I just disposed some of my old low cut boots and just bought long ones last year. That’s the thing about being stay at home mom, you hardly use your  outside clothes and shoes. Needless to say, less needs less expenses. But even you’re a stay at home mom, we still need some therapy you know, and for me, once every season of shopping is not that bad at all.

Happy Mother’s Day!!!

Sunday Morning. Usually Saturday and Sunday are the only days I wanted to wake up late. My kids are waking up earlier than me but they never bother to wake me up and look for food coz they already know where to look for breakfast. I love my cereal dispenser!

Today though was the first time my son woke me up but I didn’t get up. He came back again and told me he’s hungry.  Since I am already awake, I just stood up and head to the kitchen and smelled some food- they surprised me with breakfast! The kids cooked it themselves but ofcourse with the help of their dad. It was a pleasant surprise. Once in a while I also wanted to have some breaktime from the kitchen and this was a great gift a mom would ever wanted.


Breakfast with Notes from the kids

I am a mom for more than 8 years now and counting and I am loving every bits of it. I may have some difficulties and received lots of stress raising them, disciplining them but the happiness it’s giving me is all worth it. I am so lucky I am a stay at home mom again for I have more time to spend with my kids to engage and be part of their everyday life. This is the best career ever!


Photos taken at my kids school celebrating MOM’s DAY 


Varieties of Beddings

Love having varieties of bed sheets? Who else doesn’t want to? It’s really nice to own different kinds of bed sheets at home especially if you regularly change your beddings. Aside from that, it is also nice to look at that you only use particular bed sheets twice a year for you have lots of bed sheets to choose for your bed.

Meanwhile, buying for ideal bed sheets nowadays is really easy to have since most of companies of clothing industry expand their businesses through online. Everyone could buy their favorite types of sheets such as satin bed sheets and covers for bed at the same time; more offers too can be availed. Thence, it’s really advantage to everyone especially those who have time to go to market or mall to buy for their home.

Win Fashionable Glasses, Join Pink Magaline Firmoo Giveaway!

I have different kinds of firmoo both sunglasses and prescription glasses and I love them all! They are fashionable and very durable.

I gave some to my brothers, my mom and my cousins and they all love it but my sister and sister in law don’t have their sunglasses yet so I wanna join this giveaway and give it to either my sister in law or my sister.

Goodluck to me!!!

Firmoo Press Release

PR NewswirePress Release: Firmoo Optical Company Limited – Thu, Apr 5, 2012 9:00 AM EDT

Fantasy Finance


NEW YORK, April 5, 2012 /PRNewswire-Asia/ — A month ago, CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) published a piece of news about purchasing eyeglasses online; a month later, this news has already been commented on by thousands of people. With the rise of purchasing eyeglasses online, more and moreeyeglass wearers have begun to focus their attention on it. However, with regard to buying eyewear online, some support it while others still have doubts about it. What has turned numerous eyeglass wearers from traditional brick-and-mortar eyeglass stores to online ones? Firmoo’s slogan tells you everything: Vision and Fashion the Frugal Way.

Most eyeglasses wearers have purchased eyeglasses at traditional eyeglass stores. Nevertheless, due to the limited styles and unaffordable prices, consumers have had to regard eyeglasses as a medical tool used to correct vision instead of a fashion accessory. But now, with the emergence of online eyeglass shopping, we can get fashionable eyeglasses at reasonable prices. Among the many online eyeglass stores, Firmoo, which combines fashion and economy, is undoubtedly the most outstanding one.

As we all know, we usually have to spend hundreds of dollars on a pair of glasses at brick-and-mortar eyeglass stores. Yet, you can get the same pair of glasses from online eyeglass stores at a fraction of the price. For this reason, buying glasses online is, so to speak, quite an economical way to get eyeglasses. Among the numerous online optical stores, Firmoo is the most economic one. Customers can usually get their beloved glasses at a price that is up to 90% lower than that in brick-and-mortar eyeglass stores. Furthermore, new customers can even get their first pair for FREE there. Some people may doubt the quality, safety, durability, etc. of eyeglasses purchased online, but there is no need to worry when purchasing from Firmoo. Firstly, all glasses provided by Firmoo are carefully manufactured by skilled workers and are strictly inspected by professional opticians before shipment, thus ensuring the quality and safety of glasses; secondly, Firmoo has developed a try-on tool for customers to try their beloved eyeglasses on so as to see how they look on them; thirdly, Firmoo has a customer service team that has always been committed to offering their valued customers the best service; lastly, all glasses available at Firmoo are provided by their affiliated factory, which is why they can offer eyeglasses at such a low price.

“We have dozens of affiliated eyeglasses factories which enable us to provide our customers with the most affordable eyeglasses around because there are no middlemen in between. Meanwhile, we have devoted ourselves to providing our valued customers with fashionable and aesthetic eyeglasses,” said Patrick Li, Firmoo’s CEO.

Compared with purchasing eyeglasses at brick-and-mortar eyeglass stores, purchasing eyeglasses online is not only more economical but also enables customers to select from more fashion elements. This is due to Firmoo meticulously picking several hundred classic styles from thousands of eyeglass models.

Firmoo CEO Patrick Li also added, “Our team has selected hundreds of classical and fashionable styles in order to save time for our customers when they are picking eyeglasses.”

So what do online eyeglass stores bring to us? We believe the answer is fashion and frugality.

For more details about how to get fashionable and economical glasses from Firmoo, please visit:http://www.firmoo.com/

About Firmoo

Firmoo.com is an emerging global online eyeglass store offering prescription eyeglasses and prescription sunglasses. Years of expertise in the optical industry have enabled Firmoo.com to offer a variety of high quality prescription eyeglasses to the public at affordable prices. Firmoo is devoted to offering high quality eyeglasses, competitive prices and thoughtful customer service. Only our valued and satisfied customers can further solidify our position as the leading online eyeglass store in the world. For Firmoo’s Online Optical Store, user satisfaction is always the highest priority.

For more details about Firmoo, please visit http://www.firmoo.com/


Secret to Sexyness

I have a big tummy after I give birth to my two lovely babies. Ofcourse it’s not because I gave birth but because I neglected myself and ate too much!

But I am starting to take care of myself now, trying to be fit and at least reduce my yuckie tummy by doing my daily exercise while I still have time. I always wanted to wear dresses but I can’t do it because of my big tummy and I feel like it’s so ugly to look like you’re pregnant again while you are not. But I discovered that wearing girdle or semi corset will let me wear fitted clothes!!! I tried it once, it’s not comfortable in your first time but I am feeling comfortable now. There’s another thing I just discovered lately – a  SlimMe by MeMOi in Zulily!!!!

Nude Braless Shaper Bodysuit

original $55.00
Nude  Full Shaper Bodysuit

original $55.00
Black Shaper Camisole

original $30.00
Nude High-Waisted Shaper Shorts

original $28.00
Nude High-Waisted Shaper Briefs

original $24.00
Nude High-Waisted Shaper Boyshorts

original $24.00
Cool right? So now that I am in the process of trimming some body fats, I guess wearing of these will make me feel good! I should have one of these soon!


Hubby’s Christmas Present

I don’t wanna ask hubby to buy me something, honestly even I wanted so many stuff like another digital camera aside from his SLR gift on my 29th birthday and an external flash for my 3oth birthday recently. I am also dreaming of a diamond ring, a dress, shoes, bags etcetera…etcetera…But you know what? I can’t think of any of them when he ask me what I want.  I always ended up saying “You is all I want” oh cut the crap! Why is myself saying that?! LOL!

So this Christmas, I really wanted to have a new running shoes coz my old shoes hurting my feet. I am supposed to buy this for myself but I don’t have extra so I asked him if he can buy me and viola! I guess he’s in a good mood so he bought me these!

Thanks my dear! I have that I don’t have a picture of me wearing it coz nobody wants to take a picture of me 🙁

It looks orange but it’s not… look the color here —>>>








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Birthday Gift Sandals

I am feeling lucky I was given a chance to review an Indian Fringe Fli Flop Sandal just in time for my birthday this coming August from Costume Super Center.  Thank you very much!

There are lots of shoes to choose from their shop but I am not the type of girl who loves to wear heels so I chose this one.  It is a one of the choices among other pretty shoes to complete the look to a variety of costumes also available in their store. I found this sandals very comfy for me. Simple style, unique and the color is so nice, I just love it.


Costume Super Center is offering variety of costumes and their accessories for any occasion. From top to bottom and their prices are very  reasonable. If you are having a hard ti,e matching those costumes you have there, you can always find here what your looking for. Like this shoes I got, I can also look for an Indian costumes here If I need to. They have the complete accessories for their costumes. I also love the kids costumes such as superheroes good for birthdays and for halloween too!  Everything you need is in costume super center! Hurry there are lots of clearance sale now and New Items just right for our kiddos!! I am looking out already and hoping to get what my kids want for this coming halloween!