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Where to Find Awesome Gifts?

When it comes to finding gifts, online shops are the convenient ones to run to. With different items to select, from toys down to other niche like music instruments, you can never go wrong in looking for an online shop.

There are a lot of shops where you can find sorts of stuff such as an ocean drum, dresses, dolls, toy cars, and more. It’s just a matter of how smart you go in finding stuff online. However, in selecting shops, it is always best to know if that is reliable enough to be trusted. With that, just to be safe, always go for those sites that have been in the business for years already. But if the stuff you are looking is from a new site, you can always go for investigation to know if it is reliable or not.

Preventing Things from Getting Damaged

Taking care of our things doesn’t just keep its quality intact but also its availability longer. Thence, whatever stuff you have at home, it is really essential to have it checked and cleaned all the time particularly those that can be eaten by rust and the like.
There are many things at home, for sure, that can be tarnished easily such as musical instruments. With that, it is really helpful to somehow prevent it from damaging by always having a silver polish such as hagerty silver polish for instance. On the other hand, for other stuff you have at home, you may opt in to get the proper cure for it as well.
Whatever stuff you have at home, if you want it to keep it from getting damaged, always check it regularly and have it cleaned all the time.

What to Give to a Specific Musician?

I am not really particular in purchasing stuff most especially if the person to receive has passion towards music. Though singing is one of my past times but sure that it will really take time to choose which one to gift to a person who loves playing with music. But glad that I was able to find a solution towards this problem. Even though a person has preferences on what particular instrument they want, it doesn’t you need to purchase them. You can search for accessories instead should you want to save less or somehow would want them to introduce to such most especially for amateur ones. Like for drummers for instance. It’s not really necessary for you to buy them new drums likely they own one; instead, you can send them xchanger for example. By the time they get to receive this, definitely, this will complete their collection! Are you thinking of what to give to a celebrant? Fret, no more!

Tuner and its Upgrade

If you think that only guitars and higher than it has tuners, think again. With the fast growing phase of technology, there are a lot of inventions and upgrades have been made to make everything easier as possible. Just like tuner for ukulele. Yes, you read it right. If we used to have tuner only for guitars way back then, now, you can have such for your ukulele like baritone ukulele tuner for instance. There might be ones available in the past, but the latest inventions are much more convenient and high-tech than before which one could really rely on and would have fun using. So if you own one, or if you know someone, this is definitely a good one to have!

My DIY Mantel Decor

I finally finished this project that I have in mind for a few months now. It’s hard when you have to fit everything in your budget, this one is not a need so it was definitely in the bottom list. Thankfully I was able to catch a sale items from Hobby Store and had a time to finish it off in one day. Next, I will be buying some candle holders and probably some other decor to add with this collage frame. I wanted to visit some furniture store hoping I could find clearance items but I may have to wait til I have budget for it again.


For the meantime, let me brag my finished creation. My L Photo collage frame! Isn’t a beauty? Frames are 50% off and I had y family photos, old and new printed at ine of the closest mall in our area where all of the things you need are there! Art supply, clothing store, fast food and restaurant and you can  find baker furniture here too! As much as I love shopping, I need to stay away from this place though while I don’t have a job yet (wink!)


Surprises and Offers on New Look Bingo!

Its 1.15 pm mid afternoon, done with all my regular stuff, cooked lunch, bought grocery, washed utensils and cleaned home. I’m too lazy but my backyard needs to be cleaned too, I need a break from my daily chores.I started surfing and looking out for some selection of good brands of accessories. It was just then when I noticed something interesting, there was a link to play bingo without going outside your home! It sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Play your favorite past time game without spending even a penny, andgoing anywhere else! New Look Bingo is one of the online bingo sites which has got unique and amazing promotions. It is filled with numerous types of games enriched with great jackpots. I was amazed to see the surprise offers and prizes at New Look Bingo. A newbie in New Look Bingo gets £15 bonus without making any deposit. So if you spend £10 then you play with £45 in all games. Let me give you a quick note of few of their promotions which I found exciting here. They are, Hot Ball Tuesdays, Wednesday Winners,Thursday happens to be Deposit ‘n’ Win Day, Flashback Fridays, and finally the Saturday Night Fever. The last day of the week is filled with surprises too, I have marked all Sundays of this month because if you can bingo on that particular date then you could win free bingo tickets worth £10. For more details click here to visit this fascinating bingo site

Goodbye Tanktops, Hello Jackets!

Fall, fall, fall, my favorite season of the year! It’s time to say goodbye to summer clothes and say hello light jackets! I thought I can still tolerate the coldness but as time goes by, temperature keeps on dropping and I can no longer last going outside with just my tank tops and shorts. So I started keeping some of my summer clothes already and started hanging my fall clothes up. I noticed I have bunch of longsleeves but only have few jackets and blazers. I really love wearing blazers during slightly cold seasons such as spring and fall.

It’s time to hit the world wide web and look for some selections. It doesn’t have to be signature ones or expensive, I am more on the design type of gal. As long as I like it and it’s not pricey, I will add it to my cart. Found several types from different stores but my eyes were trapped in a wide range of casual jackets at Zalora. I bought several items from there before and it didn’t fail me. They are all nice and affordable and I’m glad I found some cute jackets there.  Aside from blazers, I might need some boots as well. I just disposed some of my old low cut boots and just bought long ones last year. That’s the thing about being stay at home mom, you hardly use your  outside clothes and shoes. Needless to say, less needs less expenses. But even you’re a stay at home mom, we still need some therapy you know, and for me, once every season of shopping is not that bad at all.


Life is full of wonderful surprises only if you go out there and explore. You’ll learn new things and you’ll meet new people you never imagined you’re going to be friends with.

I’ve been staying at home since December and I thought I would never socialize anymore until I start working again. When I am still working I’ve met a lot of people but only few of them stayed and became close to me.  I am glad I met them and I am glad that despited of not working together anymore, they are still there keeping intouch. Infact, we have dinner this coming Friday.

Aside from them, we have family friends too that we’re hanging out with every special occasions. They are always there to laugh with, party with and to help you when you’re in need of anything. These are our friends  that we also considered as our family here in Arkansas.

Lately when my kids school began, I managed to go out again and attend classes in the gym. I’ve met new friends and more friends….and I am so happy that they are all nice to me and even offered me a ride when I don’t have the car with me. I feel very blessed and I am very thaknful!

Today, I bumped into somebody I met in the gym not so long ago and we’re going to have lunch together on Tuesday!  Can you feel my excitement? Don’t get me wrong, I am not bored or anything in our house. I love being with my kids in the afternoon and I love doing house chores and some gardening when they are in school. I got tons of things to do but I really need to get out and mingle with friends. I also needed to socialize don’t you think? So, I am going out with them and will have fun!

Early Blessing for New Year!

Good News!!!

Fairy Hobmother visited me for the third time!!! I am indeed lucky to receive another GIFT just in time for the New Year!

I am sure you know what’s with the FAIRY HOBMOTHER right? Oh come on! Everyone is talking about him. He’s a fairy to all bloggers like me out there who has lots of fairy overlords online! If you don’t know him yet and y0u are wanting to meet him, follow him on twitter @Fairyhobmother  or just leave a comment in this post with your website and who knows, you might be the next lucky Blogger to receive a gift from the fairy hobmother!

So what are you waiting for…COMMENT and TWEET now!!!


No Nonsense Leggings and Tights Review

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of No nonsense for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.


A lot of styles and fashion stuffs can be seen anywhere nowadays. With that, getting ideas on how to wear your ordinary clothes to become more fashionable and stylish is now very easy to do!
With the all new No nonsense tights and leggings, whatever kinds of color your blouse and clothes are all will just simply look simple and attractive!
It comes with varieties of colors that everyone would definitely love. Thanks to No Nonsense for both black tights and leggings I received.
It’s perfect for what types of blouses or clothes you have. I love the fact that although it doesn’t comes with designs and accessories; it’s still beautiful especially if paired with colored blouses like pink, yellow or even plain white! Aside from that, it’s stretchable and very comfortable to wear; and above all, very AFFORDABLE too. Indeed, so fashionable!
For tights, I love its fitting. It really fits to me and is perfect for my daily use especially in school. For the jeans, unfortunately, the medium size is quite big for me. Thence, I give it to my sister instead. However, I like the quality of the leggings. It’s some kind of jean type yet, stretchable. That makes it unique that surely, in to those fashion fanatics!
On its launching, No nonsense is proud to introduce to you their soon to be brand ambassador and style expert, Jill Martin! Indeed, it’s not just fashionable but also exciting too.
No nonsense is very easy to avail; you can find them at leading food and drug stores and even in mass retails store too near you!
You can follow No nonsense on Facebook and even in twitter too for product updates and promos they have in stores and even online.
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