I can’t believe what I heard from my newly tween daughter last night before they go to bed.

Every night, we do our routine, we tell stories, we talk, we pray, then I will tuck them in their own beds. I usually tuck sister first since we always pray in her room then the brother.

Last night she said, “Mom come back here again after you tuck Ethan in”. So I did,

She confessed to me something I usually hear every year since she started school. Something that seems nothing and we even joke about it for her not being allowed to do it until she is 18.

Tonight was different. It seems more serious. Seems more like she is concerned that I am gonna be angry or something. She finally said, “Mom, I am gonna tell you something that happened last Friday but I didn’t wanna tell you because I don’t know what you are gonna say and what your reaction gonna be, but after having that conversation with you last night, I will tell you now that I have a boyfriend.”

I can’t tell how my face looks like but I am sure, it’s just blank. I don’t know what to say. I don’t know how I will react. But honestly ’til now, I have this feeling I can’t explain. Am I scared? She usually say she has a boyfriend when she was younger. My husband and I usually just looked at each other and smile. Now I can’t even share it to my husband coz my daughter said to not tell him yet. I told her to tell him though. I don’t know when she will do that, I hope soon coz I can not definitely keep it to myself, obviously I am blogging about it!

So yeah, I don’t know. I am glad she confided in me. She even said “I am glad I told you, mom”. But what do I do now? I guess I am freaking out. Help a mom out here! 🙂