Life is full of wonderful surprises only if you go out there and explore. You’ll learn new things and you’ll meet new people you never imagined you’re going to be friends with.

I’ve been staying at home since December and I thought I would never socialize anymore until I start working again. When I am still working I’ve met a lot of people but only few of them stayed and became close to me.  I am glad I met them and I am glad that despited of not working together anymore, they are still there keeping intouch. Infact, we have dinner this coming Friday.

Aside from them, we have family friends too that we’re hanging out with every special occasions. They are always there to laugh with, party with and to help you when you’re in need of anything. These are our friends  that we also considered as our family here in Arkansas.

Lately when my kids school began, I managed to go out again and attend classes in the gym. I’ve met new friends and more friends….and I am so happy that they are all nice to me and even offered me a ride when I don’t have the car with me. I feel very blessed and I am very thaknful!

Today, I bumped into somebody I met in the gym not so long ago and we’re going to have lunch together on Tuesday!  Can you feel my excitement? Don’t get me wrong, I am not bored or anything in our house. I love being with my kids in the afternoon and I love doing house chores and some gardening when they are in school. I got tons of things to do but I really need to get out and mingle with friends. I also needed to socialize don’t you think? So, I am going out with them and will have fun!