My life  is far way better than what I’ve expected. I dreamed and worked hard all my life. Struggled and experience so many things that I am not sure if how many people can endure. I am sure there are more lives that gone worst than what I’ve been through. For me, my life has been like a roller coaster. So many Ups and Downs, lots of excitement as I call all my struggles and hardships. With all that experiences, I am very grateful for what I have right now! First I am very thankful to have a loving, caring and responsible HUSBAND, which is all responsible for all the blessings we are receiving everyday, Im also grateful for my beautiful and healthy kids. A house that is 10 times bigger for my family compare to what I had before. Our everyday foods not only on our table  but also in our  fridge and pantry, we didn’t have storage of food before not even a pinch of salt. If you don’t work, you will not eat. That’s how we lived. I am also thankful for the bonus blessings in our life, for the entertainments and gadgets that my family is enjoying everyday and so many more that sometimes, I  tend to forget and take for granted and I hate myself for that.  I feel overly blessed already and I am very grateful but forgive me Lord for I have to ask for more…. I pray for my love ones to also experience what I am experiencing. To also have a nice comfortable place to sleep in when they are tired. Some food to eat when they are starving.  And most of all, I pray for them to have more FAITH, COURAGE,  PERSEVERANCE  so they will achieve all their DREAMS.

Thank you Lord for your Love!

Here’s a song that I saw in my timeline this morning that is worth sharing…enjoy listening!