Walmart “APAN” Event 2014


I got invited to perform in a program at WALMART held last Thursday, May 22 at Walmart Home Office with our fellow Filipinas here in Arkansas.  Yearly, they are celebrating APAN (Asian Pacific Associates Network) where all 13 countries were being showcased.

At first, I have no clue how it’s gonna be and who’s going to watch, I just said yes to a friend that’s asking a favor and when I finally learned it’s going to be in a big audtorium with lots of people and even being telecast/aired in several walmart offices from different States, I suddenly felt so nervous. It’s been a long time since I felt that feeling, that was when I was in college with my dance troupe waiting to perform in a dance competition!  But I’m glad we did very good and gave a good entertainment.  It’s been a long time since I heard that kind of applause.  It was really a fun experience. I’m glad I said yes to my friend.  Here’s a video taken by a friend that I am proud to share and show to all of you…..


2 thoughts on “Walmart “APAN” Event 2014”

  1. That”s so lovely except that you seem to wear oversized costume. It looks like you enjoy the performance anyway. More of this please, I meant the Folk Dance. You danced gracefully.

    1. I was wearing a big one…i actually did a running stitch but still big for me. Can’t make it smaller anymore, it will look odd so I just wore it like that. Thanks. 😉

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