I always dreamed of becoming a writer someday. I was a school paper writer when I was in Elementary to College but it’s always written in our own Language  which is Filipino. I also wrote short stories for our play in school several times and there’s this one time, I wrote a themed script used in a “Skit Competetion” and we won! I was so happy and proud as one of the main character who acted on stage and at the same time, I was acknowledged as the writer of that script.  I only writes in  English for Poems and News coz I must admit, I am not that good at it.  I wanted to learn more but I guess my passion is not that strong because I didn’t pursue it or maybe I am just lazy, I don’t know. Well. well, those were the days….and that is also the main reason of the topic I am writing right now – how I started to blog.


2008 when I am still using FRIENDSTER  and doesn’t know FACEBOOK yet. There’s this portion of this social media where you can post a blog aside from sharing pictures and videos of your everyday life to your friends. I started reading some of my friends blog there and I was inspired, I wanted to start mine but I am kinda shy and afraid to critisize by people who can read it. So I didn’t do it. Then I started reading some of my friends blogs in blogspot and also saw my sister in law’s blog and I was so amzed and inspired of her writings but still didn’t get me to do it. Then one day, my friend told me more about her blogs and shared to me her EARNINGS in dollars and that immediately kicked my shy side and my business minded side came out! I was a stay at home mom and I needed it. I was just starting in real estate this very moment so I don’t have much income yet and I feel like blogging will add up some so after hearing this news from my friend, I headed to blogger.com, create my account and started writing without thinking of what others would think about my writings. I don’t care…all I am thinking that time is to earn from blogging! Money is really a ROOT of SOMETHING! And that is good I guess coz since then, I am a happy stay at home mom and got to buy stuff for myself and my kids while staying at home enjoying life with my kids.

This is my very first blog – My Little Angels which is now My Little Angels in America . This is where I documented my kids stuff about everything. When they wanna look back they can always go to this site and read what mommy was telling the whole world about them. I stopped blogging when I start working in 2012- 2013 and now that I am back, it’s all fresh start, updating my multiple sites and start enjoying free stuff!!!

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