Sunday Morning. Usually Saturday and Sunday are the only days I wanted to wake up late. My kids are waking up earlier than me but they never bother to wake me up and look for food coz they already know where to look for breakfast. I love my cereal dispenser!

Today though was the first time my son woke me up but I didn’t get up. He came back again and told me he’s hungry.  Since I am already awake, I just stood up and head to the kitchen and smelled some food- they surprised me with breakfast! The kids cooked it themselves but ofcourse with the help of their dad. It was a pleasant surprise. Once in a while I also wanted to have some breaktime from the kitchen and this was a great gift a mom would ever wanted.


Breakfast with Notes from the kids

I am a mom for more than 8 years now and counting and I am loving every bits of it. I may have some difficulties and received lots of stress raising them, disciplining them but the happiness it’s giving me is all worth it. I am so lucky I am a stay at home mom again for I have more time to spend with my kids to engage and be part of their everyday life. This is the best career ever!


Photos taken at my kids school celebrating MOM’s DAY