How many times have we found ourselves wondering what happiness and success really mean and if we’ll ever obtain them at some point in life? Sometimes, answers to these questions are where we least expect them to be. Instead of looking for solutions in the exterior, why not try to focus on your own perspective?

Search inside yourself, is an excellent book written by one of Google’s engineers Chade Meng-Tan and is based on a course with the same title.

Beginning with 2007 it has changed the manner in which many people perceive achievement of goals and having a successful career. Even if this seems slightly hard to believe, there are certain principles which need to be taken into consideration when aiming to make a change. In the end, we are responsible for our own actions and therefore need to think about the final outcome before starting the journey. It’s all about the connections between our thoughts and the results towards we’re heading. This publication, written on probably one of the most difficult subjects, Emotional Intelligence, opens up an entirely new path, leading to knowledge of the self. It is often said that the first step to better times is to imagine them. By means of this book, Meng-Tan wishes to bring happiness and peace in people’s lives. Up until now, readers have responded to this piece of writing in a very positive manner. This has increased its effectiveness and level of impact.


New Yorker Magazine’s former writer Malcolm Gladwell has also approached the subject regarding success as well as the story behind being successful. His perspective is based on in depth analysis and evidences the things which make each and every one of us unique, therefore different. The author aims to prove that each story of success is tailored to suit the main character’s personality and life. When reading Outliers, questions are being raised and unexpected answers formulated. You know you’ve got a good piece of writing on your hands when it makes you ponder upon personal experiences and everyday life situations. These are the factors which can easily affect the grand finale of your success storyline.



Both novels mentioned earlier can be purchased in ebook format from various websites. They are easy to read and instead of carrying the actual book everywhere you go, just download it directly to your gadget of choice and that’s it!