My Not So Old Career


It’s been three months since I started to teach in Preschool. So far I’m loving it! I love the kids, I love our room, I love my colleagues and the management except for the salary. Oh well, I guess most of the teachers I know are not happy with their salary but they end up working for more than 5 or 6 years now because they love what they do more than their paycheck.

I guess teaching is really a calling and not a profession. I know there’s other job out there that can pay me better but I am lucky my husband is atleast earning enough for us that way, I don’t need to pressure myself to work in an environment that I don’t love.

But to be honest, even the pay is not good, and I am very tired mostly everyday, I feel fulfilled and happy with this kind of job. I am loving it everyday!

3 thoughts on “My Not So Old Career”

  1. and that matters above all. You should be thankful because you’re blessed to have a fulfilling job. count it this way, you’re teaching for passion and the compensation is only a bonus. 🙂

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