Secret to Sexyness

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I have a big tummy after I give birth to my two lovely babies. Ofcourse it’s not because I gave birth but because I neglected myself and ate too much!

But I am starting to take care of myself now, trying to be fit and at least reduce my yuckie tummy by doing my daily exercise while I still have time. I always wanted to wear dresses but I can’t do it because of my big tummy and I feel like it’s so ugly to look like you’re pregnant again while you are not. But I discovered that wearing girdle or semi corset will let me wear fitted clothes!!! I tried it once, it’s not comfortable in your first time but I am feeling comfortable now. There’s another thing I just discovered lately – a  SlimMe by MeMOi in Zulily!!!!

Nude Braless Shaper Bodysuit

original $55.00
Nude  Full Shaper Bodysuit

original $55.00
Black Shaper Camisole

original $30.00
Nude High-Waisted Shaper Shorts

original $28.00
Nude High-Waisted Shaper Briefs

original $24.00
Nude High-Waisted Shaper Boyshorts

original $24.00
Cool right? So now that I am in the process of trimming some body fats, I guess wearing of these will make me feel good! I should have one of these soon!


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