Thank God for another year He gave us.

Last year was a good year for us. Some of our dreams were fulfilled. My husband was able to work here in America and brought us here.  We were able to pay our bills and get rid of our debts. It’s our first time to have our own apartment and bought our own appliances. It’s also my husband’s first time to finally have a car of his own. My kids were also happy for their new school, new friends and new environment and wishing they will be staying here for good (we’re still praying for that).

This New Year,  I am hoping to have more productive and meaningful year….and to be able to do that, I need to start it with making a list of the things I want to do and I want to change in my life.

1st, I want to do my daily exercise and sit ups to keep my body fit and energetic and to be able to do that, I need to LIMIT the USE of FACEBOOK so I still have more time for other stuff

2nd, I need to pass my driving license exam and get to start driving so I need to start reading my reviewer that hubby gave me a year ago and haven’t finish reading it till now.

3rd, I need to prepare my resume and start passing them to different companies while I wait for my Working Permit that I am still waiting til now coz the last application was deinied  (and praying I would get it this time)

4th, I need to READ more often, books, magazine and my SLR’s manual 😛

5th, I need to write ‘quality posts‘ this time, I need to proofread first before posting them.

6th, I want to maintain CLeanliness in our House, I want to buy more decors so it will look like a house

7th, I want to start saving money, limit online shopping!

8th, Cook New Dishes

9th, I wanna be CALM, I don’t want shouting anymore especially at my kids and husband.

and so may MORE!!!!!

I wish I can able to do all these things right now, right here!

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!!!!