This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of LG DoublePlay™ for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Last Black Friday Sale I really wanna buy IPAD2 for no valid reason, I just want to experience to have a gadget like it without thinking the necessity of it. My husband said why would I need such a thing if I have my laptop and why not buy a cellphone which is more important that Ipad! I guess I just love to have one since most of the people I know had Ipad and I don’t have! What a childish reason, I know right!!!

This time I really need to have a cell phone, I am going out most often and I am having a hard time connecting with my colleagues and friends when were out.

Have you hear about LG DoublePlay™?  I find it intriguing and looks interesting too. Do you think this kind of phone would fit my personality? When I was in the Philippines, texting is not my  thing, I rarely do that coz Calling is the easiest way but the expensive one. I am thinking, do I really need a phone if I am always infront of my computer? LG DoublePlay makes me say YES to myself. I guess I need it especially when I got to start working.  I love social networking, I do it a lot and this phone is perfect! I can do multitasking in this phone like I can’t do in my laptop or in an iPAD. Social networking, texting, taking photos, videos, calling and more!

I think I am inlove with this phone already!  I should add this in my wishlist  at T-MObile!

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