I am not getting any younger, so I’m pretty sure that soon, I’d start feeling brittleness in my bones. I know that’s something I can’t avoid. But I can make my bones strong and healthy enough so I won’t have to suffer prematurely. I can always take calcium supplements. In fact, there are some calcium supplements which also help improve the skin and muscles aside from the bones. However, without the right levels of magnesium, my efforts in taking calcium supplements would be futile.

There are magnesium supplements available in wellness stores, but I have found something better and I can’t wait to try it out. I’m talking about BetterYou magnesium supplements. It’s actually an oil spray that efficiently supplements the body’s magnesium level.

So what’s so great about this? Well, as I’ve said earlier, it’s an oil spray that you simply spray on and massage onto your skin. Because of this, the magnesium is directly absorbed by the skin tissues, and it immediately reaches the cells and does its job. Obviously, it works faster than supplements in pill form, and since there is no need to take in anything, it’s safe even for pregnant women. I’m going to try it out soon, and then I’ll let you know how it’s working for me.