It’s gonna be my first winter here, I am excited for I am longing to wear winter clothes eversince. When I was in college, I always admire the actress wearing boots, scarf and coats. I can’t wear them in the Philippines for it’s a tropical country. But now that I am here is US, I must admit I am really really excited even though I know that I am vulnerable in cold weather. I hate it when it’s cold but I am sure that if I am wearing proper winter clothes I will be protected.

In my excitement I bought two pair of boots already, I also bought some long sleeves and a jacket. I also bought some leggings, scarfs and gloves. I love the different styles of winter clothes sold online, I wanna buy them all but my budget is not that big. I already got two boots but if I see more boots on sale, I will not hesitate to grab another pair for myself. I saw some very low prizes yesterday unfortunately there’s no size 7 for me, most of the item available are ladies shoes size 10 and that doesn’t fit me.

 Here are my boots that I purchased online and hoping to have more soon!

I would love to have this kind of outfit.

Winter Outfit

Chic right?