Posted by Arden Wallace

I was so excited about our annual ski trip to Colorado. This year, instead of staying close to town in a high-end resort, we decided to rent a house a little further out since we had enough people going to afford one. The only downside this year was that I was going to have to work from home for part of the trip. Luckily, it was nothing too involved; I was just going to have to check my email and respond to a few here and there. The amenities list for the house we had chosen did include so I knew I would have the access I needed. I had also decided this year that I would take lessons and try my hand at snowboarding. I had a feeling that I would be pretty sore the first few days, so I was sure I’d welcome a break. From what I understood, snowboarding was nothing like skiing and I’d most likely spend a lot of time on my butt until I got the hang of it.