Back in the Philippines, I was longing to wear boots. Boots are available there but only for fashion and not a necessity. Boots are very common here especially  and you can see most of the women wearing boots no matter what is the weather. As much as I wanted to wear boots in our country, I can’t coz I am not comfortable walking, commuting with boots. Now that I am here, I will start collecting boots from

I started shopping for boots before I came here. I had a gray one but It’s not comfortable so I am not using it anymore. I shopped for 3 boots last month a brown and a black one. The brown one arrived last week so here is what I am using right now. Cool boots eh? I have this black boot that I have been waiting and I am excited to receive it soon.

I am planning to buy more boots online and I found this store found in Lots of boots, fashionable and seem durable to me. I wish I can buy one of those high end boots they are selling. It’s a little bit pricey but I really love the designs. If only I have work right now, I will probably buy one of those. Visit and see those fabulous boots yourself.