This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Straight Talk for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

I Have seen different kind of phone users ever since I started using one. And I am actually confused what is the main purpose of cell phones already. Different people are using it in different purposes. Do you wanna know what kind of phone user are you base on my observations?

I started to have my phone when I was 19, 2nd year college. I am not so into gadgets that time but I have to have one coz I need it for my ‘love life’ connection.

So there I started to notice the different kinds of cell phone users.

During that time, most of the phone users I know are the ones who love to accessorized their phones or the so called “OVER-ACCESSORIZED‘  phone users. They are the ones who are always changing their cases, backlights, holograms and has lots of chains hanging in their phones that you might think it’s no longer a phone but a keychain holder. Another user I observed are the ones with a very old phones and even though they have money tp upgrade their phone, they still love to use their old ones as long as its’ functional and I call them “Centimental” users or “Till Death Do Us Part” users. Another user is the “Simple User” these are the users that are completely satisfied whatever phones they have as long as they can Call a friend, Hook, line and sinker! They are the ones who are buying simple phones only but they have loads unlike those what I call “For Display Only” users that has a very latest phone, nice features but always with NO LOADS only a prepaid ones and always out of balance. 

Don’t forget that phones has it’s main purpose. It’s for communicating and not for purely display. If you are the kind of “simple users’ , you will sure love straight talk. With a very affordable plan and nice and simple phones to offer.  And if you are a kind of ‘For Display only” user or a so-so, you might wanna have reconditioned phones for only $10 with camera, mp3 players, mobile web access and Bluetooth capability. Straight talk have lots to offers, watch this video if you want to experience Android on Straight Talk.



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