No matter if it’s something that men have always been doing ever since they entered the age of puberty they still can’t seem to master the art of shaving. It’s as if they always manage to hurt themselves every time they shave. I should know. I’ve seen hubby with nicks and cuts on his face far too many times. But of course, shaving is still something he has to do unless of course he wants to leave the house looking like a scruffy, old man.

But you can steer clear of shaving accidents by following a few simple steps. Razor bumps can be avoided if you splash some or use hot water on your face when shaving. You could soak a face towel in hot water and after letting it cool a little, squeeze the excess water out and cover your face with the hot face towel. The hot water will soften the hairs that you plan to shave off and it will open up your pores making it easier for y to shave. If at all possible, try to use shaving oil on your face to allow the razor to glide smoothly across your face. By following those simple tips, you can shave off unwanted facial hair without difficulties.



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