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A year ago when I first attended a blogger event, I met different mommy bloggers and I liked them all! All of them seem to be friendly, funny and kind. We all have common denominators, we are mommies and we are all bloggers. We love to hang out, attend events and we already have some Cheap Spa Days for a short period of time. But among all of them, there is only one that is I can call ‘ONE OF A KIND’ she’s different from among other friends I have. Sorry friends, don’t be jealous, the FACT is SHE is different coz first she’s OLD enough to be my friend (truth hurts but I still love you), LOL. Second she’s conservative and maarte and very conscious. I never had a friend like her yet. When I say ‘friend’, the one that is sticking with me anywhere in this world but not all the time, doesn’t care what kind of person I am or I guess she doesn’t just have a choice but me (hmm….), loves to hang out with me even in some case we are different.  She’s different and I admire her being a MOM, a WIFE and a WOMAN. Maybe she doesn’t know that not until today. I love all of my friends, I admire them all in some aspects. I have different kinds of friends (yeah I know I am lucky and friendly). I have my soulmate, I have my so called ‘best friend’ and some are just ordinary friends, I have a special friend too, a Loyal Friend, etc. See they have their own title, I love them all, I treasure them all. So this title is for NORA –  ONE OF A KIND friend! I haven’t have a friend like her in my entire life……I LOVE YOU FRIEND!!! Mwah!