Word of The Day – ‘Bethroted’


 I am thinking on what to share this week’s theme coz I am having a ahrd time thinking of what’s the lates word/vocabulary I have learned and I just have it today. I am watching “CAMELOT” series on NETFLIX and I heard the word “BETHROTED”.

be·trothed  (b-trd, -trôtht)


Engaged to be married.


A person to whom one is engaged to be married.

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3 thoughts on “Word of The Day – ‘Bethroted’”

  1. Somehow whenever I hear this word, it makes me think of someone being choked, hehehe….I don’t know if it has anything to do with the real meaning of the word but that just what comes to my mind although I know what the word actually means.

  2. i never hear that word except on old films. LOL. pang-vintage ang feel nya e. hehe. narinig ko lang uli sya actually sa gulliver’s travels na movie. lalalim kasi ng english nung mga taga-lilliput. LOL

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