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My kiddos had their wonderful day today. My daughter officially had her ‘first day’ of school while Ethan experience only half day due to parent’s orientation day. I can call it a first day in school too but not the official one. I feel so tired today. I am so sleepy coz I woke up very early this morning aside from not getting a peaceful sleep for I am very excited of what tomorrow awaits me. I am so excited for my kiddos! 

Ishi did fine in her school today, she rode a bus and I am so proud of her being brave. I didn’t expect her to be like that since it’s her first time. I am so glad she’s excited and she didn’t mind weather she’s with me or not. Goodthing we apply her in a school bus service, at first I was hesitant since we are in a strange place with strange people but I need to do this, teach her to be independent.  My husband agreed with me coz he knows mom knows best! What i did to ease my worries is that, I asked for the bus driver’s number so I could be able to call her just incase needed. But as usual, I haven’t bought my cell phone yet so we only have the phone at home. I am stil in the process of canvassing. It’s hard to find a plan where everything you need is there. I am still good with the phone at home to call a friend, school and other agencies since I am only at home. I will buy a phone when I already have a work maybe.




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