It’s my first time to hold a BIG GIVEAWAY and I am so happy it was a success!! I just can’t finish the announcement yet coz first, my collection of pledges wasn’t complete yet and secondly, I am having a hard time counting the points of almost 50 participants, whew! I have no idea if those were too much already or maybe the other were more than that? I really have no idea coz it’s my first time. All I know is that, I am so excited to announce the winners wether my sponsors will transfer their pledges in time or not , Lol, but they have to! 😛

I would like to thank my TOP 3 commenters for the whole giveaway month! Their comments made me happy and look back at my old posts. I remembered every post I made LOL and see how far did I go into blogging. Not far as in I learned so many stuff already LOL, far as in, I have lots of posts that are so PERSONAL for three years. Yeah my posts are actually all personal coz I  just love to write about me eventhough as you can see, I am a horrible writer!


o-Top 3 Commentators -o-

1st – ALYSSA  (with 168 comments)

$20 CASH PLUS ACCESSORIES from Pink Fortune  

You are a lucky commenter! Pink Fortune is very generous to give you all these! 

2nd  –  DOTHY (with 149 comments)

$10 CASH PLUS DOMAIN *only* PLUS $5 Bonus

3rd  – BEDAI   (with38 comments)

$10 CASH

Please email me you PAYPAL ADDRESS so I can send you your PRIZES !!! 😀

<jganlising at yahoo dot com>

For the 1st prize, I will contact the sponsor for the accessories and she will ship you your prize, please send me your SHIPPING INFO and Contacts. Thanks! 🙂

For the 2nd Prize, I will figure out first how to transfer the domain to your account 😀