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I remember having my first phone when I was in College. I bought a phone using my salary from a fast food chain while studying in college.  I can’t afford to buy a phone even I have a job coz my salary is just enough for myself and some for my family but  I bought one because I badly need it to communicate with my boyfriend which is now my husband. Cellphone is everywhere that time, I guess only few doesn’t have a phone even we are all in a public school but I will never buy if it’s not for my love (naks!).

Cell phone is very useful nowadays, people seem can’t last a day without their cellphone in their body  but would you believe if I say I don’t have a phone for five months now but I can live with it?  But sooner or later I will be needing one so I should be looking now. I missed my first cellphone ever in my life, it was a  Nokia3210 and has a hologram in the screen. So cute! I love cute phones! I have seen Cute NET10 commercial and I love it! I am still having a research about it and hearing some comments from the Real NET10 customer to get 10 Good Reasons why would I buy it.


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