I’ve been blogging for three years now but it’s only a year since I started to have my own domain and a dedicated server. I thought having own domain was expensive but I was wrong. The domain is affordable and so with the hosting plan. And it’s worth it coz it is good for one year. Would you believe I have 13 domains and 3 servers in 5 months? I just found buying domains addicting coz I have a very affordable and reliable dedicated server! It’s always important to look for a reliable one to make sure your business don’t interrupt! I have a website for my real estate career before and most of my clients and queries were from that website. It’s important that your website always has a good server and never encountering problems to avoid interruption of your business. But I stopped my business already for some reasons and so now I am focusing on blogging.  Just like my real estate website, it is always important for me that my server was not encountering  problem at all. Or if there’s some interruption, I always wanted my server to check it immediately and do something about it . So if you are looking of dedicated server, make sure to check it’s reliability first.

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