I read almost 60 Stories on how their ‘most memorable birthday’ celebrated. Thank you very much for sharing it with us and I appreciate all your efforts. These different stories are all seem to be memorable for each of us. I found so many stories interesting, touching, funny and sweet.  My cousin had a hard time choosing one too but then I did decide to choose one from our choices and I chose this……

Oh! Talking of birthdays, I guess I am the unluckiest person on earth when it comes to birthday celebration. As far as I know, my parent’s family on both sides never celebrated a birthday. Years had passed and gone, and they never bothered and remembered the day they were born. I don’t know the reason why.

I was in high school already when I learned that some people celebrated their birthdays by having a little party in their home. When I asked my mother about this, she answered me that only the rich people could celebrate birthdays for they have money to spend. So, I zipped my mouth because I know we were not rich. At 16, after graduating from high school, I looked for a job, and luckily, I found one as a store helper. I worked for over three years there and on my 18th birthday, I celebrated my birthday alone. Nobody knows that it was my debut actually. I was absent from work, and I went to the mall, ate a cake for I know that there is a cake on birthdays, and I also bought an ice cream in a cone. I went home later of the day with a happy face because finally, I had a cake and ice cream on my birthday. –  Katz


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