As we all know, prices of basic commodities are sky rocketing now.  Looking for stores with cheaper prices is getting difficult.  The budget strategy sometimes doesn’t come up good because of unexpected or unplanned expenses.  What we really need is good financial management where we can itemize our daily needs and figure out how to cut bills.  Good financial services leads to better money monitoring.

We should analyze how our household do financially.  Then prioritize the things we need weekly or however you do it.  In this situation, the daily expenses will be monitored.  For example, the bills payment management. It is very important to check and balance your check books.  For those who do not use check books anymore, maybe you have ways to reconcile your transactions.  Besides the weekly spending, either household needs or personal, bills payment should be tracked down and recorded too.  We do not want to miss a single penny.  Note the monthly bill with the highest amount (ex. mortgage, car loan,  Itemize your bills according to due dates too so you will stay on track with your payments.  This is very important.  The rest will be easy.

There are other factors affect our money management.  Sudden change of jobs, health problems, natural occurrence…things like that.  The only insurance we can depend on to prevent our pockets from ripping is our good financial management.