Thanks for the guest post by Jonathan Curtis

The morning has not started off too well. The youngest daughter had an accident while she was sleeping. The mattress is okay, we use mattress covers, but the cover and the linens did not fare too well. I cannot go to the Laundromat until my husband gets off work. The cover, linens and comforter is too much for my washer so I will soak them in stain remover until later. After I helped her clean up, I was in the kitchen watching the news from one of the channels on my HTTP://www.ExpertSATELLITE.Com and thinking about the laundry room that was in the apartment complex we used to live in. I always had to keep a close eye on our clothes. The people were so rude and they would be ready to yank your clothes out of the washer or dryer before you had a chance to get one of those carts. It was never a good idea to leave the laundry room unless you knew the exact time your load would be finished. I wonder if I will have those same experiences this evening.