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I am still thinking of what kind of affordable phone I am gonna get if ever, and aside from that, I am also looking for of course a plan or line that is also affordable. I am the kind of person who always looks for an affordable yet durable and reliable one. As much as possible I want the affordable one yet everything you need is in there wherever you are whenever you are hook, line and sinker. Since we were far from our love ones, I also want a phone that is available for long distance call. There are lots of offers nowadays for long distance cheap call since you are not calling most often, there are available prepaid cards that is flexible and affordable. In that case, I can call a friend whenever I want wherever I am.  Oh how I miss them all, talking with them online is  only applicable when you have your laptop with you so having phone is really a necessity for me. Once I am starting working, I am sure calling or texting will be one of my necessities. 

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