My 30th Birthday Wishes


GT #2

This week’s theme is just in time for my birthday celebration this coming August 5!!

I am actually about to post my wishes here, I was doing a draft in my mind already, good thing GT’s theme is about it so I am forced to write it now!

I am going to be thirty soon! I feel like this is a milestone and it’s worth celebrating though I am not dreaming of a fancy birthday party anymore but the truth is, I did dream for a memorable one. But anyway, let’s just forget about that dream coz that was 2 long years ago. There are lots of thing happened within those times and I think God gave me already His gift for my birthday Β – to be with hubby here in US. Β We don’t have plan on throwing a party, but I am expecting even just a simple yet memorable celebration. That is my first wish and celebrating it online with bloggers thru “Let’s Party….Jes is Thirty Giveaway” is a great idea of making it memorable, I think.Β Aside from that, Eating outside or going to the park, or maybe watching a movie with my family is a good option too. My second wish is to receive 30 POSTCARDS not a birthday card with GREETINGS! When I was in college I was dreaming of receiving post cards but most of the people I know that time that are abroad are not it so only one of them sent me. That’s sad. My third wish is to have a portrait of myself and of my family. We didn’t able to get one last year because husband was not with us. I want a solo photograph posing like a model (I‘m a frustrated model) a whole body and close up shot. Photo shoots here are very expensive. I wish I could just take a photo of myself using my tripod but I am not satisfied with my shots so I want a real photographer πŸ˜€ My fourth wish (I know I know I have lots of wishes) is to Β have a new laptop. This wish Β seem gonna happen soon coz husband wants to buy a MACBOOK and so his 1 year old SAMSUNG NP-Q430 laptop is gonna be mine soon. That’s fine with me coz I don’t need a very hitech laptop, I just need a speedy one like his and I am getting rid of my ASAR I mean ACER Aspire 4530 3-year old laptop. And fifth wish, I wish I could feel SPECIAL on my BIRTHDAY. Everybody wants to be special and I am longing for that. It’s been long years now since I last felt to be special πŸ™

That’s it! My very selfish WISH!

I am wishing them all because I don’t wanna spent my money for myself. Instead, I am gonna give it to my Family. For my Mama who’s going to celebrate also her birthday this August, I will also give mysister who’s going to give birth soon and some to my pamangkins who need some support from me in the school finances.

So there! May our WISHES come TRUE!!!

In Jesus Name!

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22 thoughts on “My 30th Birthday Wishes”

  1. i hope all of your birthday wishes do come true, momi Jes! yes, claim it in Jesus’ Mighty Name! πŸ™‚
    happy birthday and more blessings to come! πŸ™‚

  2. haha!! yeah!1 you are right!! madami nga Sis!! pero wish lang ng wish diba? God is good and I am sure that he will make you feel special on your birth day (as your fifth wish)!!

    >> am sure your family loves you very much!! advance happy birth day to you Mom ^_~

  3. Ang haba ng wishlist teh! At may senti effects pa..

    But seriously Jes, you are special in anyway. You may just not just realize it but you are and I’m sure your family is proud of you. I’m glad you are my virtual friend kaya cheer up ka na okay…

    And if I may add my wishlist one thing, that’s to grab the grand prize sayong birthday giveaway! Woot!!

  4. Ang gaganda ng mga birthday wishes mo sis..i hope all of these will come true. The laptop is im sure sigurado na heheheh….pero nkakainggit angmagiging laptop ng hubby mo sis. Celebrating your birthday online is possible kasi you’re starting on it already right? I wish you’ll have a memorable birthday and I know it will come true since you are together na with your lovey-dovey.

    A visit from GT.

  5. It surely is OK to have lots of wishes, especially if you are the birthday girl πŸ™‚ I also wish to take a family portrait this year cause the last one we took was 7 years ago πŸ™
    Crossing my fingers for you πŸ˜‰

  6. It’s not selfish wish. Everyone loves to feel special on their day and you deserve it too. Hope you’ll get all of your wishes πŸ™‚

  7. Hope you’re wishes do come true πŸ™‚ If I have some post cards lang sana from travelling I want to send some kaya lang hindi kasi ako bumibili. I wish you all the best po!

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