My 18th Birthday Celebration


22 years ago………

I was dreaming of a debut party, unfortunately, my Mom can’t give my dream since she’s the only one working in the family ever since Papa passed away when I was 9,  so I celebrated my debut in our classroom taking our midterm exam in college. Went home in the evening so lonely, good thing I have my friend  walking with me on our way home coz if not, I was probably dead because I was almost got hit by a car due to my loneliness (imagine how depressed I am). To ease my sadness this friend treated me some “quek quek’ (quail egg with flour coating) but I said I am not eating such foods. She insisted it so I ate it. That’s the first time I ate it and then became addicted to it. Ofcourse ‘quesk quek’ didn’t ease my sadness that easily, I dunno why I am so sad for the only reason  I can’t celebrate my debut.I was thinking maybe I just pity myself.  Around 10 in the PM when I reached HOME. My Mama, my 2 brothers and my sister was there waiting for me. They greeted me with a smile, showed me the simple banner hanged in our unfinished cement wall. The banner was made of manila paper with some drawings in it created by my brothers. So simple yet it was touching. Then my mom prepared our dinner, it was a steamed rice turned upside down to make it look more like a cake with the  fried ‘galunggong’ (mackarel fish) on top of it, they they began to sing “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!” and had our wonderful dinner.

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7 thoughts on “My 18th Birthday Celebration”

  1. I also didn’t celebrate my debut like the way I dreamt of when I was younger. It was all planned na and a few days nalang. But I had an argument with one of our elders since they want to drop people from my list (a family who I’ve known for years) and replace it with someone close to them. I felt it won’t be worth it to celebrate the debut with a heavy heart.

  2. you know what.. even me.. unfortunately, i get preggy kaya all dreams fell like a stone from a bridge.. but you’re still lucky despite of not having your dream debut. because you have those people who love you most. 🙂 maybe you haven’t had the debut you are dreaming of, why not make it happen on your wedding day soon. 🙂 nothing is impossible when you dream.. when you have hopes too ;P

    1. oh i see you’re a mom already and a wife.. uhm i guess you had made it come true.. 😀 well if not diamond wedding can! 🙂

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