I am Turning 30…so Let’s  Have Some Party!

It’s been like yesterday when I turned 18! That was the saddest yet, memorable and sweetest birthday I’ve ever had in my life! Let Me share  my short story, please take time to read….

“My 18th Birthday Celebration”

That was the best birthday I’ve ever had! Simple yet I can feel the love of my love ones!  I wish I have a camera that time and take a photo of it but sadly we don’t have any.  My Friends and my family are my precious gifts! I may not have the fancy birthday I am dreaming of, but I have the best people around me! I just realized since then that I am TRULY BLESSED!

Now I am able to celebrate my birthday with the help of my SPONSORS! Thank you very much to all of you!!!

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And NOW…….Let the PARTY BEGIN!!!

Here’s my invitation to all bloggers out there…..


But Before you Grab the code —->>>> HERE, I just have some few   favors to ask:


1. Please make a post about my birthday giveaway starting with the answer of my question(2-3 sentences or more): ‘What is your memorable birthday experience and How did you celebrate it?” followed by the Invitation then invite others to join and don’t forget to include in your post a copy of my SPONSORS list from HERE.

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