I am not so into beauty products. Why? I don’t know maybe I am a late bloomer or something or simply enough to reason out that I cannot afford to have a high maintenance so better not start it hahaha just kidding with that part. The truth is, I am afraid to try new products. I am afraid of anything that would possibly happen to the effect of any chemicals to my skin no matter how expensive nor cheap the product is.

I was given an opportunity to review BB CREAM SPF 25++ from Skin Shop @ http://www.the-skinshop.com/. I am so late to give my feedback about the product. I wasn’t able to take a photos of me with bb cream effects due to some dirt on my face because of monthly period effects, you know what I mean? But after that, I finally had a chance to try the product.


I received BB cream and powder to review. And I didn’t hesitate to use it since there are lot’s of people who said it was very effective. And it’s definitely true!  It’s very hot now a days and we all know that the rays of the sun are no longer safe for us. What’s good about BB Cream is that, is has ultraviolet rays blocking aside from the whitening and wrinkle alleviation.

I tried using the product and I love it! It can make my skin whiter and the other black spots were able to hide 😀

No need for separate foundations, this BB Cream is a complete one! I really love it. Look at the photos I took before and after using the product:



Photobucketright after

Photobucket2nd day

Using this cream is very easy, you can put it everywhere you are without any hassle. You just apply it directly to your face like an ordinary cream we were using and spread it evenly.

Skin shop have plenty of products to choose from, anything that will fit your preference and needs. You can visit them to their site and try their fabulous products at  http://www.the-skinshop.com/, you might wanna visit and LIke SKIN SHOP in facebook .