‘Me Time’ Trim Your Hair Time!

Eversince I got here, I am the one trimming down not just the bangs but all of the part of my hair! 🙂
Name any hair in my body and I am telling you, I am trimming them all, lol. I haven’t visited any parlor yet, as long as I can handle it, I will continue doing it by myself 🙂





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9 thoughts on “‘Me Time’ Trim Your Hair Time!”

  1. Galing galing naman! Sabagay kung kaya naman why not? Eh I heard ang mahal diyan magpa-parlor.

    Thanks for joining Chic In Black Monday again this week! Hope you have a great week ahead!

  2. Nice me-time! I can relate to that because last year, I cut my hair all by myself and made a bangs after a couple dacade na ata. Di nga lang tayo pareho ng result kasi yours is a lot perfect than mine. Paano kasi, I cut mine really short and I look so funny in it! hahaha. Buti nalnag, my hair grew really fast. Now, ayoko ng magpa-bangs! LOL

    I was able to savor a very short me-time naman, like barely 5 minutes or so, at the fitness section of the store, and it resulted to this 10-pound-Dumbbells! Hope you can come and visit me, too! 🙂

  3. I envy you. You have a very nice hair. I’ve always wanted to style my hair with bangs (kahit side-swept lang) but I have a rebonded hair kaya the stylist won’t let me. One time I tried styling it by myself and wrong idea, I had a curly bangs. :/

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