Entry #3

Last Friday my husband went home early from work coz he’s not feeling well. I let him sleep so that he can rest while me cooked something soupy for him. After that he decided to watch “Ghost Fighter’ online coz I told him to make himself happy. I said that his happiness will boost his immune system. I don’t know if that applies to him coz that is what I do when I am not feeling so well. I am not into medicines, mostly what I do is think of happy thoughts, or do something I love as long as I can handle it. If I am dizzy then sleeping is the best thing to do and take a medicine already. But if it is just a simple fever or a flu, I am really not taking medicines.

So there, after I gave him his food, medicine and clean up his whole body (on spoiled husband huh?) like a baby using a white, iced cold towel (to lessen his fever), i let him watch till 10pm in the evening. While he is watching, i found time to spent a little “Me Time” . You know what I did from 7pm to 10pm? I stayed online in PMC Forum and start to ‘ADIK’ mode time! I just had my break for 30 minutes at around 830 to 9pm to put the kids on bed. I made 300 posts that night. The next day after I fed my “Amo” (kids and husband) I continued my goal to be the 6th placer in the Forum contest unfortunately, Gene didn’t sleep that day (10pm until 3am Phil time) so she finished earlier than me and got the 6th place while me got the 7th place with 35USD prize πŸ˜€