If you are a stay at home mommy, no car, can’t go out alone because the kids are on vacation, no school, no activity, then expect your ME time is only when you go to the bathroom. And sometimes, I can’t even enjoy my shower! I am not complaining that I am always at home and always with my kids, I just missed the real ME TIME like going out alone, meeting with friends, watching movies with cousins and all like that. Now that I am in US, I can’t leave my kids now unlike before that we are still living with my parents in law. Now, my only Me Time is when I am in the bathroom. When hubby is at home, I am staying for like an hour inside the bathroom after shower. I am polishing my nails with essie polish waxing my underarm and sometimes just staying inside the bathroom. Weird but YES, I am doing that most of the time when I am not in the mood to blog. Next week I will reminisce my ME TIME when I am with my blogger friends there.