My father loves to watch wrestling when I was like 7 or 8. Before he passed away, I remember watching with him and my 2 brothers. My favorite that time were “Hulk Hogan” and his favorite opponent “Ultimate Warrior”, “Snake” and “Macho Man”. I was logging in to my computer this afternoon and learned that “Macho Man’ or Randy Savage died in car crash. I feel sad about it. I may not continued watching wrestling when my father died so many years ago but these wrestlers were so memorable to me. They are part of my ‘happy childhood memories’ with my papa.

“Macho Man” or Randy Mario Paffo his legal name is only 58 years old so he was like 25 years old when I am watching him on our black and white 14″  red TV with BATMAN stickers on it.  I am so sad for ‘Macho Man” ending up this way. The reports said he suffered from heart attack while driving his 2009 Jeep Wrangler in Tampa, Fla., and careened across lanes of oncoming traffic before colliding head-on with a tree. He died later at a local hospital. Her wife Lynn who was riding in a passenger seat survived with only minor injuries.

I hope he’s in great hands now. His memories were in my heart forever.