Last month I got 5 dollar prize from PINAY ADS for being the 2nd Top Commenter for the Month of Arpil. The contest is ongoing, and I am hoping to get the first prize this time.

Today, I feel so lucky for knowing that I won the SWATCH GIVEAWAY of DOMESTIC CHERRY. I tried working on that by commenting too and earned a lot of points and that’s maybe the reason I won in this giveaway via random org. When I saw the lists of participants, I felt like I still have no chance even though I have lots of points already. But hell no, I won! I won! I am so thankful to the Lord. Now my problem is how to get my prize. At first I wasn’t that interested in it, I actually planned to use it for giveaway too but I changed my mind. I feel like I deserve to use that wonderful watch. I dreamed of having that SWATCH so I must have it and use it and I am working on that.

Another wonderful blessing I got today, The Travel Diva awarded me  $5 for being on the top 3 commenter. I wasn’t expecting that, I just joined yesterday coz I am confident I can win the first prize of $20, unfortunately I have no more time to comment because number one it’s gonna end in 2 days and number two,  it is weekend and weekends for me is family time so I have no time for facing the internet that long. But hey I’m still lucky! The travel diva surprised me! Thanks for your generosity! 🙂