Pink Fridays #3 Ishi’s Carry On Stuff


Thank God it’s Friday!

My Pink Entry is ready now and I am so excited to share Ishi’s pink stuff during our travel.

Here’s our luggage and carry on bags at MIA last March 11, 2011.

2 pcs 50 lbs luggage and 3 carry-on bagpacks plus our jackets and my camera bag. Imagine how did I able to carry them all with matching 2 ‘kulit’ kids with me. Oh, believe me, I didn’t have a hard time carrying them all, I am also amazed by myself actually, hahahah!Photobucket

luggage and carry ons

Let’s get into the point, my pink entries were Ishi’s carry on stuff that mostly pink. Her bag pack, her headband, her coloring books she used in the plane to kill boredom, her watch and more!


shot at Narita Airport 😀

Photobucketshot inside DELTA airplane while being stranded for 4 hours because of the earthquake

Happy Pink Fridays everyone!

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  1. Cute ng bag! Ang hirap magtravel with kids lalo at dalawa. Ang galing at nadala mo yung baggages na ganung karami and with kids pa 🙂

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