I had fun last Saturday at my husband’s friend’s house. They are all Filipinos like us and ofter had a gatherings weekly. It’s their form of relaxation and socialization. Everyday is a busy day here so they must be tired and need some happenings and I call it ‘Party Filipinos’!
They are fun to be with, both the girls and the boys were all cool. There were also kids there for my kids to bond with. They seem to like each other and that’s a good thing. They are the only playmates my kids have as of the moment plus the girl in our neighborhood.
Back to ‘Party Filipinos’, as what I’ve said I had fun! We had a wonderful dinner then had a great time bonding with the Pinoy friends. I missed drinking too so I drink a little and sang in videoke that I am missing too.

Photobucketadults’ party

Photobucketkids’ party

Most of us girls were MOMS so we are more like talking about girl and mom stuff and I love it. Sharing their experiences here in AR is a big help to me. I am really a newbie here, there are so many things that I need to learn and need to consider. Talking to them made me learn a lot, from households to kids stuff and all. It’s fun to have a friends here.
I am looking for another party next week and learn more from them.