Oh! No I really need an new HD! I hope I could earn and buy soon! I rally need a new one for my photos! My other HD is full and now my PC disk is almost full already! I have two copies of my photos, one in my HD and one in DVD. I can’t print everything  else yet, it’s really hard to search for the events I took a long time ago that’s why I made a table of contents in case I am in the mood to make photobooks. 😀

What else can I do to restore every photos of mine safely aside from putting it in DVD and saving it in my HD? Am I over reacting? I guess I am but I am really fond of photos…I love every memories I took from my camera especially from my SLR 😀 I guess I really need to do Data Storage Content Management, what do you think? I have no idea how but I will try to research about it for my photos sake.

Can somebody give me a new HD?!? Please….pretty please!