It’s my family’s first time to have our own house. We finally living separately from husband’s parents. It’s fulfilling though it was a big change for us. But it’s okay, it was my most awaited dream and it’s here already so I am enjoying where we are and what we have even we are just renting  for the meantime.

I saw different kinds of houses here from different villages, mostly were 2-floor apartments like what we have right now and a single detached that is so big. I wanna have  a house like that, a single detached where you have your own garage and garden.  I love to have a garden so much, I may not good at planting plants but I will surely learn that when I have my garden already. But you know what I am dreaming most? It’s house I saw in Bella Vista 2 weeks ago (see picture below), I want a house up the hill! It’s so wonderful! Soon if we were given a chance to buy a house, I wish to have this kind of house. My garden there will be more wonderful, I will surely put wall fountains in there. An outdoor wall fountains will surely enhance the most the beauty of my future house. Oh, it’s so nice to dream about your dream house. I will really work so hard to have this kind of house! I am really so in love with it!