“Honor your father and your mother, so that you may live long in the land the LORD your God is giving you.” — Exodus 20:12

My FAMILY (from left: my brother James, Me, My Mama, my Sister and my other brother in black)

Meet my MAMA ANA, this picture was taken three years ago, it’s my mama’s surprised 50th birthday and she’s turning 53 this coming August. I thought of having a surprise party for her because I wanna make her feel she’s special and she’s loved even most of the time we, her children didn’t show her some love. I am feeling so guilty coz we’re not so affectionate to our mama, we never said sweet words like, I love You,  or I miss you. I love my mom of course and I am sure my sister and my brothers love her too, why should we not be? My mama was the only one who raised us since our Papa died 21 years ago and I am turning 30 this year now. I am sure that’s a very huge responsibility to raise 4 little children without her husband not to mention the pain she’s been carrying when he lose her love of her life. So thinking all of the things she’s done for us, we never have done something for her yet. I am dreaming of buying her a house but I don’t have that big money, I am also thinking of her bringing to salon or spa but I never did that coz instead of giving her that leisure, she’ll be more happy to give the money to my nieces and nephews for their needs so I am giving her money instead. She’s always thinking about us instead of her own happiness. She’s not self centered. She’s very kind and patient. She is a perfect MOM.  She can abandon us anytime 21 years ago when she was so depressed when Papa died. I was 9 years old that time and I can still remember how she cried. How she tried to kill herself  but she didn’t maybe because she thought of us. I didn’t mention these memories to her anymore. I just kept it in myself and just understand how she feels. Thanks God she surpass the most difficult trial in her life.

I have so many dreams for my mama even I am not that affectionate. I know she’s been very lonely now that I wasn’t there anymore with her. I am acting like a FATHER in the family eversince, I am the problem solver in the family, my mama is treating me like her very own “PAG-ASA”  and now I am worried about her and I am missing her. I wish someday I could tell her that I LOVE HER! I’m sure that will be awkward but I am planning to say it in a letter this MOTHER’s DAY!

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