Just Beautiful #3 Me and the Flowers


Last Thursday when Daddy got home, he accidentally forgot something in his office so he decided to go back there. Kids and I accompanied him at his office and went shopping after to minimize usage of gas. It’s my first visit in his office, I am excited to see where daddy works everyday. I never had a chance to go inside but my kids did, they need to use the bathroom so daddy has no choice but to bring them inside.

I didn’t go inside anymore because I am so fascinated with the flowers in front of their office. Spring is indeed here huh? Look at the flowers they are as beautiful as me, don’t they? Hahahhaha I wonder how the other readers that doesn’t know me reacted on this lines. Oh just look at the flowers and no more violent reactions okay?

PhotobucketThey are so beautiful!

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11 thoughts on “Just Beautiful #3 Me and the Flowers”

  1. wow..ganda naman ng tulips …ganda rin ng pose mo sis… tnx nga pala sa comment

    I follow u here sis, hope u can follow me back

  2. sige na nga mommy Jes, kasing ganda mo na yung mga flowers. ahehehe. hindi violent reaction yun ha. but of course, lahat ng pmc members ay beauties! πŸ™‚

    thanks for joining JB! πŸ™‚

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