August is coming so near now…I am scared yet excited. You know why? August is my month of birth and this year is a very special birthday for me coz I’m turning thirty! I don’t like to write it in numbers coz I feel like I am so old already! But wait, how come I am excited? Because I really thought that this age is a very special age. I feel like I am getting more stronger than ever, more mature and most specially getting more beautiful than ever! Please don’t give any barbaric reaction….LOL.


taken this April 2011

I promised myself 3 years ago that I wanted my thirtieth birthday to be special, I was thinking of having a KIDS’ Party theme in Jollibee or Mc Donalds and I wanted it to be a TWEETY bird character theme and everybody will wear something yellow. I wanna experience a semi grand kiddie party which I never had when I was a kid. I want a magicians or a mascot(tweety bird if possible), I wanna wear party hats, I want a tweety bird luau birthday invitations, I want a TWEETY bird cake and Tweety birs lootbags. Since I am the celebrant and obviously not a kid, I want my adult guests to participate in games and kids will just sit and watch. LOL.

I wish I could have this kind of party but I don’t think I could. But God is Good, He gave me more than what I’ve asked, He brought me and my kids to US with husband. That is such a great BLESSINGS and that is the greatest advance gift I ever had this year. May He continue to bless us and guide us.