I Need a New Laptop


I talked to my husband about my plan on having a new laptop. I ‘m not sure if he’s gonna get me one but I am hoping he would but if he doesn’t, it’s okay coz I am still gonna save money for it. My acer laptops is almost two years with me already, it’s my partner in business. I was a part time realtor and a blogger at the same time since I am always working online. My Laptop is my second world when I am out of my motherhood world. It’s the 2nd important thing in my life next to my photo albums. Now that my laptop seem to slowly saying goodbye to me now, I have no choice but to look for new laptops for sale and let her go.

There were so many laptops for sale in the net, I am getting so confused what to choose. I have limited budget yet I want a brand new one. My preference is simple, as long as it’s new, affordable and the memory is big coz I have plenty of pictures in my old computer.  I plan to buy online coz I hate going to the mall and walk through different stores to canvass. There are lot’s of  buy and sell online so why waste a gas to drive to the mall. I am already canvassing online and this ACER LAPTOP caught my attention.

Looking for a Laptop online and surprised me with this affordable ACER Laptop

I guess I just love my acer laptop so much and that makes the other acer laptops attractive to me. But no, this one is pretty cheap and I found this from Ayos Dito.  Ayos dito has a lot to offer for both buyers and seller. I remember last summer when we are looking for a car for rent for our Pagudpod trip, we found a very affordable one there. I am also a seller, once a realtor, I used to post some ads here and I got numbers of clients. You can find different items here. So I guess getting a new laptop from here is a good choice. Now you know how to get cheap laptops for sale. Just log on to AYOS Dito and you’ll get what you need.

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18 thoughts on “I Need a New Laptop”

  1. In the old article I read, Toshiba brand is a good one. My first ever laptop is from Toshiba. I have been using for over 3 years until my hubby got me fruit laptop. I hope you get what you need.

  2. mine is Asus. just acquired it last February and I love it so much. Ayos Dito is hubby’s favorite site whenever he is looking for a gadget to buy.

  3. wow, same pala tayo. ACER user. ako first laptop ko acer, then after 4 or 5 months, nagpalit ulit ako, ACER pa din ehehe:) Ayos Dito is really Ayos Dito 🙂

  4. I need a new laptop too. My first one was Acer. It was cheap, too. But it didn’t last long. I am now using Dell (but it’s not mine)… I hope to buy me a new one soon, too.

  5. i need one too!! bugbog sarado na rin ang ACER netbook ko sa kaka-type! sana nga makabili ako ng bago… will check out Ayos Dito!

  6. mine is Toshiba, but it’s not performing well na after three years… my husband’s was ACER its really a good brand.. I should check this out at Ayosdito.

  7. time consuming talaga (not to mention nakakapagod) if you go to the mall to try and find a new laptop; at times, a day is not enough…
    hope you’ll get to purchase one that’s right for you, sis…

  8. Acer is nice! Toshiba is also a nice brand, matibay talaga. But performance and affordability, I’ll go with Dell 🙂 My mom bought mine a year ago for a little over $300 and very nice yung specs nya.

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