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When I was in the Philippines, I used to visit let’s face it for my monthly underarm waxing. It’s effective, it makes your underarm whiter, cleaner and free from what they called ‘chicken skin’. I just started doing that after I gave birth to my son Ethan and I am glad I bravely tried that. I just have learned lately that there’s some women I know who are afraid of waxing.. I am also asking why? I know it’s quite hurting but I can assure you the pain was tolerable instead of plucking it one by one and what you get is a stiff neck and a chicken skin effect (that depends on hair growth actually). And if you’re not plucking, maybe you are shaving, that’s okay too, I have tried it also after being tired of having this stiff neck. So I shaved and oh my God, I hate the itchy effect after 3-4 days! But still I did it for almost a year coz I have no choice by then but to shave coz that’s the easiest way of getting rid of the unwanted hair under your arms right? But after being introduced my waxing and have tried it, I decided to do it monthly. I just stopped last February because I already prepared myself to do every little thing I can possibly do on my own instead of paying somebody to do it for me. I tried different kinds of wax, I tried strip wax and hot wax and even got burned practicing. It’s hard to wax yourself but when I got here in AR I found a nice wax that is also a hot wax but made of sugar, honey and lemon for a very affordable price. It’s easier to use, it’s microwavable for 15 second then let it cool for 5 seconds then apply it to your desired hair to remove. Just follow the instruction and you can make it.  Now that I can wax my self, I can save moolah! Try it sometime! :