Rodliz’s Nest

When getting ready, my attire depends on the occasion of course but most of the time depends in my mood.

I am ‘kikay’ but I am not that kind of girl who stays in the mirror for an hour or so, I am not even combing my hair, LOL. I am just contented with my lotion, my sun block and my favorite eyeliner!

When getting ready, I am more concerned in preparing my camera bag, lol, and my kids stuff.  I usually get my kids ready first before myself, so the tendency is that, I am the last person to come out in our room and get in to the car  and expect to hear my kids saying or sometimes my husband, “Let’s go mommy!”. Duh, as if I didn’t took care of them first? Hello! Hahahhaha! Again, I am not complaining, I just wanted them to realize the reason why I am always the last to get ready.

But when I’m in the mood, I don’t care If I am so late especially when I wanted to put on make up, then they should wait! 😀