Waaaaaaaaaaah it’s only been two weeks and our 3 large packs of polvoron that Fedhz gave us were already  finished as in gone, eaten, no more! Huhuhuhuhuhu :((

I though it would last atleast one month or so but hell no! My Kids were like eating  popcorns! My husband love it also so I am giving him 3 pieces (i-love-you) a day in his pack lunch. It’s his dessert every after meal. But I have no more polvoron, calling calling my friends back there in Pinas can somebody buy from Fedhz and send some here in US, LOL.

Photobuckethmmm yum yum Fedhz polvoron!

PhotobucketI must confess I am eating it like a popcorn too esp. when blogging! 😛

PhotobucketIshi is the mastermind, she always have the polvoron infront of her!

I wish I have more fedhz’ polvoron huhuhuhuhu, Ishi was asking me to buy some polvoron, there maybe a polvoron in pinoy store here butone thing is for sure, that’s expensive and not as yummy as fedhz’ polvoron 🙁

I am craving for moooooooooooooooooooooooooooore!!!!