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Hey guys I’m back! I stopped joining CC for the meantime since hubby and I were aprt for almost 9 months. I don’t feel blogging about my love life if he’s not with me :))

I missed joining memes, it’s been a long time. But don’t worry coz from now on, I will surely be excited to share our everyday newly experiences together again.

Joining CC this week is quite wrong timing, I wanted to talk about good things about us right now but the topic is more on sad moments, LOL.

But let me share to you something about this topic…

I am very emotional, I used to cry even with a simplest reasons. But the hardest cry I ever had was when my BF (now my husband) done something terrible to me, that was the time I first, understand the meaning of “pinagsakluban ng langit at lupa” and I dunno how to translate that in english. We were both crying infront of each other for almost 24 hours. We settled things after but the pain was still there. That experience was unforgettable but we were done with it. Our level now is different and we love each other now more than ever.
Another thing that made me cry like a river is when he left for US. I was crying almost every night.

But that story is now OVER, I can’t recall anything bad or sad right now coz I am very happy at the moment!

Husband and I were now reunited after 8 and half months of not seeing each other 🙂

Happy couple’s corner everyone!

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5 thoughts on “CC : ‘I Cried a River’”

  1. di ko rin alam ang english ng “pinagsakluban ng langit at lupa..” ” as if heave and earth collided” wahaha! tapos naipit ka sas gitna..

    Anyways, I am sorry that sad moments itong ating mga topics, kasi naman katatapos ng love month eh. Hehehe.. Thanks for joining. I could imagine how much tears you had when he left for US, and how much tears you had when you arrived at the airport couple of days ago, hehehe.. Sa buhay ng mag asawa, ang pag iyak eh hindi naiiwasan. It’s part of our marriage, as logn as everything goes well when the tears dried out. 🙂

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